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Meet our therapists


Ashlee Thurston, MS, AMFT

I'm Ashlee Thurston, an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist and graduate of the University of Oregon at Eugene. I use a positive, strengths based approach that helps couples strengthen their relationship and their capacity for intimacy and growth.

I'm known for helping couples create their unique Action Map, a step-by-step strategy that shows you how to map out your negative patterns and replace them with positive steps for change. 

Couple Therapy:

Specialty areas include:

  • PreMarital Counseling
  • Young Professional Couples
  • Expecting your First Child
  • High Conflict Couples
  • In-law Problems or Divided Families
  • Cultural or Religious Differences
  • Relationships with Abrupt Endings
  • LGBTQ+ Couples

Family Therapy

I help families with the following:

  • Relationship problems with latency age or adolescent children
  • Managing extended family with a divorced member
  • Unresolved conflict within family members
  • Staying connected with your children

Individual Therapy

I help individuals:

  • Identify the root cause of their problems, resolving them for good
  • Improve relationships
  • Fell happier and more joyful
  • Decrease hidden guilt and shame 

Please call me at  801-521-5068  to talk about your situation or make an appointment. I'd love to hear from you! 




Katie Benns, ACMHC

Hello, I'm Katie Benns, an Associate Clinical Mental Health Counselor and graduate of Westminster College. I'm deeply committed to supporting the well-being of my clients and am passionate about helping you build a life that you love. I show individuals and couples how to build strong, loving relationships, with themselves and with others.

Couples are the cornerstone of a family and a strong couple relationship provides a secure base that lives on for generations.

Couple Therapy

I help couples define and repair relationship problems while helping each individual develop healthy self-esteem. I offer a non-judgmental and safe atmosphere so you'll feel comfortable talking about sensitive subjects.

Specialty areas include:

  • Marital or Relationship Distress 
  • Parenting Challenges 
  • Love or Relationship Addiction 
  • Sexual Problems 
  • Separation, Divorce and Remarriage
  • Step-Parenting 
  • LGBTQ+  Issues 

Individual Therapy 

I help individuals with the following:

  • Depression, Anxiety, Stress 
  • Post-partum Depression ~  (Commonly underdiagnosed & undertreated.) 
  • Relationship Trauma 
  • Bi-polar Disorder, ADHD

Please call 801-521-5068 to set an appointment time. Thanks,


Kari Yurth , CMHC

I'm Kari Yurth, a licensed clinical mental health counselor and relationship specialist. I help individuals and couples of all ages and backgrounds improve their relationships and tap in to the passion and joy they felt when they first  met. 

If you're frustrated and feel alone in your marriage because you can't communicate, you're in the right place. I use a variety of easy-to-apply and effective strategies that resolve your relationship tension and prevent future problems from spiraling out of control.

If you want more out of your life and your relationship, give me a call.


Couple Therapy

I help couples that are dating, engaged, partnered or married.
I'm accepting referrals for:

  • Pornography or Sexual Compulsivity
  • Emotional Disconnection or Distance
  • Infidelity (Sexual or Emotional) 
  • Emotional Betrayal and Dishonesty 
  • High Conflict Relationships 
  • Sexual Problems
  • Difficult Family Relationships (Children, Parents, In-laws, Step-parents)
  • Grief and Loss Issues
  • History of Sexual, Emotional or Physical Abuse


Individual Therapy for Adults

I work with individual clients who want to improve their relationships and feel happier with themselves and their life. I help clients with the following problems:

  • History of Trauma- (emotional, physical or sexual)
  • Compulsive sexual behaviors, including pornography 
  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Relationship Conflicts
  • Addictions (Including relationship addiction) 
  • Feeling unable to cope with life
  • Managing feelings of loss and grief 


Individual Therapy for Young Women 

I help teen-age girls (13-17 years old) learn the following life skills ....

  • How to improve self esteem and self image
  • Managing negative thoughts and mood
  • How to solve relationship problems with friends or family members
  • Visualizing a positive future 


Please call 801-521-5068 to schedule an appointment. 


Margaret Thompson , LCSW, Director

Hello, I'm Margaret Thompson, a relationship therapist and founder of The Salt Lake Marital and Family Therapy Clinic. I specialize in helping individuals and couples resolve troubling relationship worries and interpersonal problems. The experience, skills and leading-edge techniques I use have helped individuals, couples and families for over 35 years.  

I offer sensitive, straight-forward feedback within the first three visits. I'll help you feel happier and achieve the success you have always wanted in your life.

In addition, I teach therapists the art of couples therapy and currently offer training to hundreds of therapists throughout the United States and Canada.

Individual Therapy

I can help you if you're experiencing self-doubt, depressed mood, relationship problems, or simply an overall dissatisfaction with life. 

Couple Therapy

I provide a safe setting so you and your partner can resolve the issues and emotions that keep you apart. New communication allows you to build a deep and enduring connection, leaving negative habits behind.

Couple Therapy Specialties: 

I help couples who experience the following:

  • High conflict relationships
  • Marital dissatisfaction
  • Infidelity- Sexual and Emotional
  • Sexual Incompatibility & Lack of Sexual Desire
  • Comprehensive Couples Assessments- 4 session assessment process
  • Training, Supervision, Consultation 

Teaching and Training

I provide clinical supervision and training for therapists and currently teach a couples therapy course for therapists across the country. I've presented papers on relationships and attachment theory both nationally and abroad, taught graduate level courses and have published my clinical work. 

Please call 801-521-5068 or email me at margaret@saltlakemarital.com for more information. 

Invited Papers & Talks

  • Troubled Youth Conference, "Recovery from Eating Disorders", SLC, Utah
  • Univ Neuropsychiatric Institute, "Object Relations Marital Therapy", SLC, Utah
  • Jordan School District, "Managing Eating Disorders", SLC, Utah
  • Mountainwest Rural Healthcare Conference, "A Classification System of Family Relationship Patterns", SLC, Utah
  • 11th International Congress of Group Psychotherapy, "Dysfunctional Relationships in Depressed Children and their Families", (London, England)
  • UAMFT, "Assessing Family Relationship Patterns", Park City, Utah
  • Creekside Home Healthcare Seminar, "Managing Difficult Families", SLC, Utah
  • Women's Mental Health Issues Conference, College of Nursing, University of Utah, "Managing Difficult Families", SLC, Utah
  • IHC Rehabilitation Conference, "Working with Families with Physical Handicaps", SLC, Utah
  • Second International Nursing Conference, "Managing Difficult Families: A Classification System of Family Relationship Patterns", Portland, Oregon
  • Psychiatric Nursing Conference, "Borderline Personality Disorder", SLC, Utah
  • Pediatric Grand Rounds: U of Utah, "Managing Difficult Families in a Pediatric Practice", SLC, Utah
  • Sixth Biennial Training Institute of the National Center for Clinical Infant Programs, "A Classification System of Family Relationship Patterns", Washington, DC
  • Utah Public Health Conference, "Eating Disorders", Park City, Utah
  • VA Hospital Psychiatric Training, "Diagnosis & Treatment of Personality Disorders", SLC, Utah
  • Rivendell Children & Youth Conference, "Eating Disorders in Children & Adolescents", SLC, Utah
  • Utah Nurse Practitioner Conference, "Behavioral Interventions", Snowbird, Utah