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October Book Club
Posted 2014-10-13 by Margaret Thompson in Books

Thank you for all of those who came out to our book club earlier this month! We had a nice turnout and enjoyed getting together to discuss Eckhart Tolle's book, A New Earth.

Here are some ideas that we enjoyed from the book:

"Many adults play roles when they speak to young children. They use silly words and sounds. They talk down to the child. They don't treat the child as an equal. The fact that you temporarily know more or that you are bigger does not mean the child is not your equal" (p. 97)

"If the thought of lack-whether it be money, recognition, or love - has become part of who you think you are, you will always experience lack." (page 190)

"There is nothing that strengthens the ego more than being right. Being right is identification with a mental position- a perspective, an opinion, a judgment, a story. For you to be right, of course, you need someone else to be wrong, and so the ego loves to make wrong in order to be right." (page 67)

Rather than resisting what is, Tolle encourages readers let go of resistance and move with the flow of the present moment. He describes an experience he shared with a woman who had come to him asking for help to relieve her pain, Tolle lets her body shake, as tears roll down her face, and says, "At this moment, this is what you feel… there is nothing you can do about the fact that at this moment this is what you feel. Now, instead of wanting this moment to be different from the way it is, which adds more pain to the pain that is already there, is it possible for you to completely accept that this is what you feel right now?" (page 165)

A New Earth was a very insightful and uplifting read. It examines our relationship to the ego and also the potential each of us carry when we move in harmony with life rather than resisting what is.

Just as a reminder, Salt Lake Marital & Family Therapy Clinic hosts a therapy-focused book club every other month. Our next meeting is scheduled for December 4th, 2014 from 6-7:30pm; the book for that month is Becoming Attached by Robert Karen. We will be meeting at our office, located at 420 E. South Temple, Suite 300. There is free parking on 400 E. or free covered parking on the west side of the building. Please contact us at 801-521-5068 with any questions.