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Comprehensive Couples Assessments
Posted 2018-01-01 by Margaret Thompson in Assessments

On average,  couples have been unhappy for 6 years before they seek professional help.

They tend to enter marriage counseling in high distress and need a therapist that is experienced and knows how to intervene immediately if necessary. They are not thinking of long term goals, but instead present with a pressing issue or problem. Best Replica Watches

Many therapists become discouraged and tend to prematurely end therapy with their clients due to their  own frustration or lack of knowledge. Often these couples will continue to seek therapy until they find someone who can contain their stress while providing guidance and direction. This is why a thorough assessment is so important.

We offer 4 session "Comprehensive Couples Assessments" that provide structure to the immediate crisis, yet also offer clear direction within a relatively short period of time.

Once a couple has received clinical feedback from the assessment, they can then decide if marital therapy is right for them.