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Want to know more about Attachment? Read this book!
Posted 2018-01-01 by Francine Baffa in Secure Attachment

In December (2014) our bi-monthly book club read Becoming Attached, by Robert Karen. The text overviewed the history of Attachment Theory, specifically highlighting the contributions of John Bowlby and Mary Ainsworth. 

Karen dives into deep questions regarding the emotional needs of children and the implications of having these needs met (or unmet). He describes how children learn to cope when their emotional needs are not met as well as how these strategies may impact them as adults. He also explores how this theory began taking root in mainstream culture and what the landscape looked like previous to the study and implementation of Attachment Theory. 

While the book could be heavy at times (due to the amount of extensive research), Karen provides a lot of clarity about the emotional needs of children, specifically from their caretakers. It is a recommended read for clinicians, along with anyone interested in learning more about attachment on a parental or personal level.