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 Helping Individuals and Couples Build Great Relationships

Do you feel misunderstood in your relationship and wonder if you'll ever find the connection you once shared? 

What if you could finally solve your problems and feel excited about your future? 

We show individuals & couples how to communicate like never before.


The experience, skills and leading-edge techniques we use help you transform your life and your relationship. You have our commitment of caring and direct feedback where we provide a "BluePrint for Change" within the first 3-4 visits.

Our therapists are trained in evidence based therapy strategies including: Emotionally Focused Therapy, Relational LIfe Training & the Gottman Method. LGBTQ clients welcome.

Individual Therapy

We offer individual therapy to help you with personal, life or relationship problems. We'll show you how to change the emotional patterns that hold you back so you feel happier and more at ease  

Comprehensive Couples Assessments

We offer a four session assessment where we see you together for the first visit, each alone one time and then together again.

You'll receive a personalized therapy plan unique to your relationship that helps you resolve past problems and create a loving and compelling future together. 

Couples Half-Day Intensive 

Our Half-Day Intensive is a 180-minute session designed to jumpstart your relationship. It's convenient for couples who travel a long distance for therapy, have an unusual or busy schedule or  just want to get started.

You'll receive an in-depth analysis of your relationship along with a personalized therapy plan that you can start the same day. (Please phone ahead to arrange a time).

Engaged and Newlywed Couples

Premarital counseling helps you build a strong foundation with healthy communication, emotional connection and mutual respect.

We'll show you research based strategies for identifying and resolving problems so you can manage your differences with confidence. 

Therapy for Millennials

For those born in the late 80's through 2000 who feel unhappy, disconnected or stressed in their lives or relationship. Millennials thrive with therapists who understand their unique needs and culture.  

Sex Therapy

We provide a safe, non-judgmental atmosphere for discussing highly personal and sensitive issues including: Sexual dissatisfaction, Low desire or incompatibility, Performance anxiety, or Compulsive sexual behavior.

Infidelity Therapy

With the right tools, many couples successfully recover from the intense pain and betrayal of infidelity. We will help you work through the steps necessary to restore trust, rebuild emotional connection and repair the vulnerabilities in your relationship. 

Individual, Child and Family Therapy

We focus on healthy self esteem, creating strong boundaries, and strengthening individual and family relationships. Specialty areas include:

  • Separation and divorce, Remarriage and blended family issues
  • Depression, Anxiety, Addiction 
  • Academic or learning problems, Career issues 
  • Interpersonal conflicts, Emotional isolation or distress


Couple therapy is not covered by insurance. Please check our fees and policies page for more information.

We can answer any questions you have about choosing the right therapist or scheduling an appointment:

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Couples Therapy

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LGBTQ Clients Welcome

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Individual & Family

Individual Therapy

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