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The Salt Lake Marital and Family Therapy Clinic 

Remember when you felt excited to come home at the end of the day and spend time together?

If you miss the activities that made you laugh and feel close, it's time to reconnect.  

For over 35 years, we've helped individuals, couples and families repair their relationships and create the life they've always wanted. Services for individuals and families include:

  • Individual Therapy

  • Child, Adolescent and Family Therapy  


The Couples Institute

Are you overwhelmed with chores, raising children and making ends meet .. with no time left for each other?

It may seem like a far off dream, but couples therapy can help you rekindle the passion and joy you felt when you first met. Services for couples include: 

  • Comprehensive Couples Assessments

  • Couples Therapy or Marriage Counseling

  • PreMarital Counseling

  • Sex Therapy

  • Infidelity Therapy

  • Couples Half-Day Intensive     



Our "12 Session" Model

or "90 Day" Model of Couple Therapy is divided into 3 parts:

1) Assessment (Define the Problem)

2) Working through (Explore relevant psychological & emotional issues that underlie a couple's distress)

3) Consolidation (Practice and Repair, Solidifying new skills)


We take our committment to you very seriously. Our therapists have received training in evidence-based therapies, including EFT, RLT and the Gottman Method, offering the highest level of care. 





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Couples Counseling

► Couples Assessments

► Infidelity Therapy

 Communication Problems

PreMarital Counseling

Couples Half Day Intensive

LGBTQ Clients Welcome

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Individual & Family Therapy

Individual Therapy

Child & Family Therapy     

Anxiety & Depression

Insecure Attachments

► Relationship Patterns

"BluePrint for Change" 


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