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Individual, Couple and Family Therapy

Do you struggle to communicate with your partner and find yourself repeating the same frustrating cycle over and over?

Do you have negative thoughts or beliefs and have trouble enjoying life?  

We help individuals, couples and families resolve troubling relationship problems and interpersonal conflicts. The experience, skills and cutting edge techniques we use have produced remarkable results for over 35 years. You have our commitment of sensitive, straight-forward feedback where we provide a "Blueprint for Change" within the first three visits.

Our Therapists Specialize in Relationships

Let our experts help you:

Feel happier and more satisfied in your relationships

Have more fun with your spouse and family

Resolve long standing conflicts and problems

Comprehensive Couples Assessments

We provide Comprehensive Couples Assesments for couples of all ages and backgrounds. This is a four session evaluation process designed to provide each couple with specific therapeutic recommendations unique to their situation. This option is helpful for couples who aren't sure therapy is the next step.

Couples Therapy

Let our relationship experts help you manage on-going conflict, infidelity (sexual or emotional), and sexual problems. We'll show you how to identify the emotional triggers that hi-jack your relationship and help you move forward. Couples have appreciated our positive approach  and tell us they feel hopeful for the first time in ages. 

Couples Intensive Therapy Program

Our "Half-Day Intensive" is a 180-minute session for couples who travel a long distance for therapy or those that want to jumpstart their relationship. You'll receive an in-depth assessment of your relationship, your unique, personalized therapy plan and a therapy session. 

Sex Therapy

We help couples who experience sexual dissatisfaction, incompatibility low desire or performance anxiety. We offer a safe, non-judgmental atmosphere  in which to discuss these highly sensitive and personal matters. Even though these issues are hard to talk about, we think you'll be glad you did.


If you've experienced sexual or emotional infidelity, you may feel overwhelmed and confused. We'll help you work through the pain of betrayal, re-build trust and communicate in non-defensive ways. Most couples successfully reconnect after infidelity and feel closer than before.  

Individual, Child and Family Therapy

We help children and adolescents increase their self esteem and confidence, make and keep close friends and work through school and motivation problems. 

We help individuals regulate negative emotions, identify their emotional needs and feel more confident and empowered in their lives.   

We help families communicate effectively using a positive, strengths based approach so family members become a safe haven for each other, solving problems with love instead of blame or guilt. 

BluePrint for Change

You have our commitment of caring and direct feeback where we provide a "Blueprint for Change" within the first 3 visits for individual clients and within 4 visits for couples and families. This service is helpful for those who aren't sure they're ready for therapy or who have tried therapy before and didn't experience positive results.


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